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Monday, March 7, 2011

Where in the World have we been?

We've worked very hard on our new Flat Traveler project and we have been very excited!  We are having so much fun with our visiting travelers.  There are so many great places we can't wait to explore in our own state and we can't wait to see what our travelers have been up to on their adventures!

Today, we made our Traveler Wall.  It has a temporary home in our kitchen, but we can't wait to move it to our classroom!  We have the perfect spot for it in our classroom, but unfortunately, our walls are textured and we can't tape anything to them.  We have some work to do before we can move our travel wall in there, but we didn't want to go without, so we settled for the spot in the kitchen for now. 

We made the 5ft. banner on Microsoft Publisher.  It reads "Where in the World have we been?" and it has our tour bus on it.  A shelf sits nearby to keep all of our traveler related items organized and a bin is available to keep things together too (state books, visiting traveler information, souvineers to send our visiting families, etc.). 

We printed various maps from this great website!  On our 2x2 world map we will mark our travels (girls will be marked in red and boys will be marked in blue).  On our 3x3 US map we will color each state we visit and mark the cities on the map.  Each month we will print a map of the state or country that we are visiting.  On that map, we will write the address of our host family along with how many miles it is for us to travel there.  There are also 2 pouches that will provide a place for our visitors to stay, so that they do not get seperated from their belongings (journal, passport, etc.).  We still need to print and hang our travel log!

It is amazing to see the enthusiasium of the kids when it comes to this project.  What a fun and interesting way to learn geography and map skills, learn about other cultures and best of all...making friends from around the globe!

"Alice", a visiting traveler from the UK is enjoying her private room

Can't wait to add some color to this USA map!

One of our state maps and a fact sheet that was sent to us from our NH visitor.

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