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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dairy-Free For Me

It's amazing how busy one little dove can make you!  Wow, there just isn't enough time in my day!  We have been blessed with the most FUSSY baby in the universe...but we couldn't love our little fuss-bug any more!

It was discovered that Dove was allergic to dairy when he was two weeks old.  So, since I breastfeed, I immediately went on a dairy free diet.  Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I LOVE my dairy!  I went dairy free without a second thought.  It really wasn't too bad for the first two weeks, but it is starting to be a challenge because finding things to eat for breakfast and lunch have been difficult.  It will get easier once I familiarize myself with a wider variety of things I can eat and I learn how to do it frugally! 

Dove also suffers from reflux.  We have known this but at his 2 week check up, we opted to play the waiting game.  Wait...and see if it gets better with a few changes.  Keeping him upright as much as possible, not allowing the flock to stimulate him at least 20 minutes after he eats, etc.  His projectile vomiting has improved with the dairy free diet, but his spitting up has not.  He also suffers from apnea and this is getting more frequent.  Granted, his breathing alarm has only gone off a handful of has gone off 4 times in the past week, so...I decided enough was enough and we are medicating him for his reflux.  I'm hoping this is a short term necessity, as he will be going to a chiropractor and I will be eliminating soy and egg from my diet. 

Despite his challenges, he is gaining weight like crazy!  Within 2 weeks of being home, he gained more than 2lbs!  This is amazing, considering our last two kids have problems with growth!  Nice to know that one of the kids can grow at an above average rate!  I'm glad we caught his food allergy early and hoping we can get a grip on his reflux before it makes things worse.  I get so nervous because he has periodic breathing patterns and with his apnea episodes, I keep thinking about Duckling and her ALTE's, I hope he never suffers from an ALTE!!

We are on the hunt for a new baby carrier. I have always been a devoted Moby user, but it's not working for him.  Dove keeps his head tilted back and doesn't like anything covering his head at all.  Hopefully, we can find a different carrier that he can adapt to because I'm not able to get much done if I can't wear him!

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  1. It sounds like you are describing my youngest baby! He is almost 4 months old, is exclusively breastfed, and suffers from reflux and food sensitivities. We may have a contest here on the fussiest baby! He is in my arms 24/7, even sleeping snuggled up to me. For the carrier, I have a linen ring sling from Snuggy and LOVE LOVE it. It is so easy to use and I carry him everywhere in it! Just started a blog, check it out!