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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vocabulary Spelling City Review!

I was so excited when I was offered a premium membership to Spelling City in exchange for a candid review. 

I have to honestly say, I don't think that I can come up with one bad or negative thing about this site.  Since we use a virtual academy, our spelling lists are already pre-loaded.  I do love the capability of being able to make our own lists, but this pre-loaded feature makes things much quicker.

Before Spelling City, it was often difficult to get my kids to practice their spelling words but with Spelling City they are often eager to play the games.  This has been such a wonderful way for them to learn their weekly spelling words.

With our Premium Membership we have access to more games, I am able to have up to 5 students and I am able to track each students work/progress.  With the student tracking feature, I am able to see which words my child is struggling with and we can concentrate more on those particular words together.  As a premium member we can print flashcards, a wonderful feature to use with my Kindergartener and my 3rd grader!  My son is able to take his spelling test online as opposed to writing the words out.  Also, as premium members, my children are not distracted by the commercial ads (an added plus for my Autistic son, who is easily distracted).  I love that my Kindergartener can study her high frequency words and play fun games and it's such an added bonus to be able to print the flashcards. 

It took me some time to learn my way around, as far as making the lists for my students and such, but with a few minutes of peace and quiet, I was able to figure everything out. 

I highly recommend Spelling City to anyone, whether you homeschool or not!   If you haven't used it, you are missing out!  Be sure to visit Spelling City, your kids will LOVE it! 

Thank You Spelling City for giving me this opportunity!

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  1. Hi! I'm a new visitor from the Workbox Yahoo group and I just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying reading your posts. I'll be subscribing by Google Reader and look forward to hearing more about how you make homeschooling work for your family. Love the frugal tips, too!