In a homeschooling house full of 7 kids & 3 guniea pigs....there is never a dull moment! A lot of people show genuine concern for us and want to know how we are doing, as the road we've left behind was not a pleasant one. So, here I am, to tell some of our stories...share some of our days...and open up a part of our world to you! Come join us on our journey so you won't miss the moments that take our breath away!

Friday, August 3, 2012

How DO we DO IT????!!!

I can't tell you how many people say to me "I don't know how you do it"!
My answer is always..."I just do".
Truth is, I try to be frugal and make anything and everything I can.  If we need something, I search high and low to find it used before I ever think about walking into a retail store and I will search online for a deal before I even do that. 

I went shopping the other day and ran into a really great sale, everything was at least 50% off so I headed to the baby department.  I found some fleece sleeper bags...for $10.  WOW!!!  I don't mean the "wow, what a deal kinda wow"!  I mean the "holy cow I could get this at a resale shop for $3 wow".  As a matter of fact, I came home and found one with a $0.50 price tag from a garage sale.  Not that I have never seen the day when I did pay $20 for those things because not only have I paid that much but at the time I'm sure I picked up more than a few at at a time at that outrageous price but now anything more than $5 is just unfathomable to me!

We are comfortably raising a soon to be family of 9 on an income that is well below poverty level.  We still have nice things and our children don't go without.  I'm always happy to share different ways we are frugal and how we save money...or as others say "how we do it"!

With the upcoming birth of a new baby in our house...right now, I am concentrating on frugal tips and ways to save $ when it comes to baby.  Babies CAN be very expensive...but they don't HAVE to be!!

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