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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Saving $$ on Baby...Tip #1

4 1/2 years ago, I became a cloth diaper lover!  At the time, I had a newborn, 1 and 2 year old in diapers.  I had just become a single mom and I was spending about $50-75 a week on diapers and wipes.  It was a huge expense (about $400) but it was the best investment I ever made but it was the last time I spent money on diapers until all of them were potty trained.  I must admit, I didn't make the switch to cloth because I was concerned about the environment, I really needed to do it to cut costs but I became addicted to cloth diapering.

Friends call me crazy, but I have been so excited about building a new cloth diaper stash for our new little man.  At first I was very bummed about giving away my old stash, but I quickly got over that as I became even more addicted to those adorable cloth!  I even got Falcon addicted :)  Our stash is kept in a dresser.  So, what's all the hype and how much did all this cost this time around.

We ordered 10 nb Alva Pocket diapers (fits up to 12lbs), 10 one size Alva Pocket diapers (fits 12lbs to potty trained), 10 extra bamboo/microfiber inserts and a small wet bag for our diaper bag and we spent about $140.

We either got as a gift or used a gift certificate for 16 prefold diapers (like grandma used to use) and 6 Trend Lab pocket diapers. So our cost...

We purchased used...2 xs Bum Genius all in ones, 5 nb Lil' Joey's all in ones, 2 fleece covers and 1 knitted cover and 2 kissaluv fitteds.  We spent about

We also purchased 6 Gerber diaper covers, diaper pins, fleece fabric (which I was going to use as wipes originally and for $6.00 it made 42 wipes) and 10 receiving blankets (pd $3.10 and they made 114 wipes) and misc. spray bottles and containers for our wipe solution.  We spent approx.

So, our out of pocket expense for a lifetime of diapers and wipes...
$230 (about $100 more to = $330 if you count the gifted ones).  The resale of the diapers is very high, so we expect to recoup most of our cost for the diapers, if we are ever willing to let them go.

Here's what our stash looks like...

114 flannel wipes (these were distributed where needed throughout the house)

17 NB diapers

16 prefolds, 2 fitteds, 9 diaper covers and diaper pins/fastners

Flannel wipes and fleece diaper liners

Disposable diaper liners and sposies from our shower

10 Alva one size, 6 Trend Lab pockets and 10 Bamboo/Microfiber inserts

Spare Fleece Liners, burp cloths and onesies

Flannel wipes and spray bottle for diaper solution

We have purchased a few more diapers thru a co-op, but we only spent $20 more.  We have more than enough diapers for our little guy and we can't wait to use them! So...
$330 from birth till he is potty trained...that's one of the ways we "do it"!

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