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Friday, October 9, 2015

Bulk cooking day 1

To say life has been crazy seems like such an understatement.  It seems like so much time passes in just the blink of an eye.  Our new little man is 8 months old already.  EIGHT!!  I just can't believe it.  There never seems to be enough time in a day and in "me" fashion I just keep adding more to my own plate.  Anyone who knows me, knows that the one thing I struggle with the most around here is cooking.  It's not that I don't like to cook, it's just that...I just never have time.  When the kids get sick of fast food, you know that you eat way too much of it.  Not to mention the cost to feed our family of 9 is about $40 a meal. So...that brings us to our Bulk Cooking weekend Day 1.  

Bulk cooking, though a challenging task to complete makes life so much easier (and cheaper).  This time I decided to bulk cook not only for dinner but for breakfast and lunch too.  Lunch often seems like an all day event around here with constant chaos in the kitchen.  One kid fixing mac n cheese while another makes a sandwich at the same time someone else is heating up soup.  It's insane and I cringe at all the processed foods they eat/crave.  So, I decided to try something completely new.  Why not fix better meals for lunch?  When I thought about it, I figured it really can't cost that much more...can it?  So, I made our our menu and headed out to Aldi's and Sam's Club.

Today was bulk cooking day 1.  We started with breakfast.  If my calculations are correct the cost of breakfast for our family is $0.47 per person/per day!  Here's the breakdown.

24 Pancakes $6.48 for bag of mix at Sam's used 1/4 of it =1.62
24 Sausage Muffins $4 english muffins, 8.97 sausage, 1.89 cheese, 2.49 eggs = 17.35
23 Breakfast Burrito's $2 tortilla, 1.99 sausage, 1.40 cheese, 2.49 eggs = 7.88
50 French Toast Sticks $5.98
10 Breakfast Bowls potatoes $1.00 (bought 10lb bag for 2.99), 2.49 eggs, 1.40 cheese = 4.89
60 Waffles $9.98
40 Pancake Bites (used pancake mix)
36 Pop Tarts $5.98
52 Oatmeal $9.87
32 Green Smoothies $8.96 spinach, 6.49 mixed fruit, 9.78 strawberries, .74 banannas = 25.97

Total $89.52 
Divide by the 3 weeks this should all last = $29.84 per week
$29.84 divided by 7 days = $4.26 per day
$4.26 divided by 9 people =$0.47 per person/per day 

It actually seemed like a lot...until you break it down!  

So, if this lasts us 3 weeks breakfast is only costing us 47 cents per person each day! 

What are some of your favorite fix ahead breakfasts? 

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