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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Allowance, "The Duty Jar" and Auctions

This is all new for us, as I am always trying to improve our failing, here's how this new system works:

Just as everyone else, we have certain "Household Duties".  Everyone in our house has a "JOB" and I'm not talking about chores!  I'm talking about working and getting paid for it and in my house, my kids don't get paid for doing their daily, weekly or monthly chores!  Around here, each member of the family has something they are responsible for and everyone is expected to do their part.  I feel very strongly about not being paid to do your fair share and cleaning up after yourself.  While their chores must be completed as assigned, they won't go without reward for completing their chore.  We don't have a complete reward system set in place yet, but currently, when their chores are complete, they earn a "free pass".  This "free pass" is good for up to two hours for any activity (video games, blogging, etc.).   

They do, however, get paid for a hard days work.  Just like anyone else in the workforce, upon successful completion of their job, they will be paid.  As homeschoolers, the current salary for their "STUDENT" position is $20.00 a month and they will be paid bi-weekly.  In order for their job to be considered complete, they must:
  • Clock in no later than 8:00a.m.
  • Clock our no sooner than 2:00p.m.
  • All daily assignments must be complete
  • Attend all required online classes 

...and so we call it, "The Duty Jar".  Ha, yes...I said "duty"!  Pay a duty or get a duty, when you do a duty :)  Just what is this duty jar anyways? 

Each month I will put $5.00 to the jar (a gallon size glass jar).  Any money that is found throughout the house, in the laundry, or in the van, etc. will be put in the jar along with any money we get from recycling our aluminum cans.  When someone has to "Pay a duty", it goes in the jar.  When someone earns it, they "Get a duty" from the jar. 

Basically, someone has to pay a duty when they break a household rule.  Here is our curent list of fines:
  • $.05 for saying a bad word or for substituting a bad word with a similar word (ex. freak, freakin, witch, son of a ___)  using an appropriate alternate word is ok
  • $.25 for hitting
  • $.25 for not being in bed on time or for not staying in bed
  • $.05 for tattling after bed time
  • $.10 for being a bother after bed time
  • $.25 for screaming in the house
  • $.10 for other personal offenses (name calling, teasing, making faces, being disrespectful, rudely interrupting)
  • $.10 for throwing items in the house
Rules for paying a duty:
  • If you can MUST pay!
  • If you are unable to must work off your debt.  You will earn $.01 per minute for each additional minute of school work you complete.
  • If your debt accrues to more than $5.00 or you are in debt for longer than 2 have to do any/all paid chores for FREE and loose your "free pass" for one day.
There are a variety of chores that I am willing to pay for.  These chores will be put up for auction on an as needed basis.  I will start the bid with the highest amount I am willing to pay for each chore to be completed.  This duty will be paid out of "The Duty Jar". 

Here are the rules for "Get a Duty":
  • You have until the listed expiration time to bid on each job.
  • If you win the bid and do not complete the chore within 24 hours you must pay the next bidder their bid price to complete the chore.
  • You will immediately recieve payment upon successful completion of the chore.

Now, we have only been using this system for about a week and I will say, as with any system...there is room for improvement.  All-in-all, it seems to be working and if it fails....we'll change it :)


  1. I think this is a neat idea! How did you come up with it?

  2. Sending you a bloggy award check out my site to see it:)

  3. Thanks Lori :) Everything just kind of fell into place, lol. Our current system wasn't working, so I've been reorganizing and trying to come up with a different way of doing things. I mostly just needed to come up with a way to give my kids an allowance without giving in on my belief that they shouldn't get paid to do chores. Their schoolwork is their "work" so I figured, why not pay them to do that, seemed like a good incentive to get them to complete their school work, so it seemed like a win, win!