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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, I went a little crazy buying bread during my weekly grocery shopping trip.  Oops! 

I didn't want to let all that lovely bread go to waste, so I decided to make and freeze some "Uncrustables".  A few of my kids love PB&J's and I have never paid the premium price for these handy little sandwiches.  I have had my lovely Pampered Chef Cut-n-Seal  for years and this makes a perfect tool for making an uncrustable!  Truly, my children don't even know that you can buy these sandwiches in the grocery store because we have always made our own. 

I've always loved being able to use healthy ingredients that I choose and personalizing them with the jelly my kids like.  We have never frozen them, so it will be interesting to see how my kids like them once we have thawed them out.  I love the fact that we will now have sandwiches readily available for those unexpected trips out during a mealtime when we would usually have to run through the drive thru.  This will be quite a time and money saver for me!

Hawk was by my side anxious to help make these :)  I love when my kids are willing to help in the kitchen!

Our favorite bread, mixed with our favorite peanut butter!  I prefer the low sugar spread, but unfortunately I have a picky kid or two who simply will not eat everyone gets their personal favorite!

First, we lay our bread on cookie sheets...

Next, we spread our peanut butter and favorite jelly...
We forgot to take a picture after we cut our sandwiches, but here are our finished products, labeled and ready for the freezer!

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  1. what a wonderful idea!!!!!!!! never have really thought of that, however i have bought them in the store but never honestly run across my mind to make my own........ ohhhh thank you thank you!