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Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm not a complainer but...

I rarely take my complaints to a store manager, even when I have a rightful complaint!  I am just not a compainer (though my children and boyfriend would beg to differ).

On Friday, we took Emu to Chuck E Cheese's to celebrate his birthday.  I did not have time to bake him a cake that day, so we picked him up some cupcakes and went off to Chuck E Cheese to play and celebrate his big day.

We played for a bit first then returned to our table to find our table cleared off.  A book with booklight and our cupcakes gone!  A crew member saw us looking and he motioned to us to hold on, as he ran into the kitchen area.  He came out (laughing) and handed our cupcakes to us.  They were in disarray and one of them was missing (although, they were kind enough to leave the Spongebob ring topper in it's place).  I noticed this immediately and I said to him "someone ate one"!?  He laughed and said "it wasn't me".  Not wanting to upset my son, I laughed it off like it wasn't a big deal...although, I kept saying things like "someone really ate one" or "I can't believe someone ate one".  It was almost like I was a skipped record. 

We left the restraunt to go home and celebrate Emu's big day with 11 dishoveled cupcakes in tow.  As an Aspie, Emu of course wanted nothing to do with his cupcakes, as what he expected had been disrupted.  He later adjusted, but the "damage" had been done.  The more I thought about it, the angrier I got that something like this even happened.  I emailed Chuck E Cheese's corporate office with my complaint.

Later that day, I was talking to one of my best friends.  She was highly upset and protective over my little man and she (knowing that I wasn't good at this complaining thing) insisted that we three-way call Chuck E Cheese and speak to the manager.  After a phone call explaining our complaint, the manager spoke to the employees who were on staff that night and called me back with an offer to resolve the problem.  We were given 1 large pizza, 4 drinks, 100 tokens and a Birthday Cake.  I graciously accepted the offer, not thinking at the time that 1 large pizza would even come close to feeding my flock of 6 children and 2 adults...but I guess it will make a nice snack! 

As if that ordeal wasn't bad enough....on Saturday, Falcon took back a Christmas Tree to exchange it.  You see...last Sunday, we bought a pre-cut Christmas Tree at Kroger's (a large grocery chain).  When we brought the tree home, the branches wouldn't assume a natural position, but instead remained in an upward position (as if the tree were still wrapped in bungee's or secured in a net).  After watering the tree for two days, it remained in this position.  I went into the store and spoke to them about rectifying this problem.  I was told I could exchange the tree and left my phone number for them to call me when these new trees came in.  I never received a phone call, but noticed some 5 days later, that they had new trees in stock.  So, yesterday I sent Falcon back to exchange our tree.  He was refused the exchange, as he was told they don't exchange trees!  So, we are left to somehow deal with this horribly ugly tree that really can't be decorated!  Not only that, but we were blatantly lied to about exchanging the tree and we went through the inconvience of taking the tree down and taking it back, only to bring the same tree back home to set up again!  I have filed a complaint with their corporate office!

So, here we are on December 11, 2011 and I think those are the only two complaints that I have voiced to any company this entire year!  I guess you could say, it hasn't been our weekend!

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