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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Memories will never fade...

Yesterday, one of my worst nightmares happened.
Yesterday, I plugged my external hard drive in....and.....
Now, I'm no computer expert by far...but I knew by that noise that my hard drive was shot. 
 Nearly 4 years ago, I had that same feeling, when every picture and video was robbed from me.  During the search warrant of our house (as you may know, my husband abused at least one of my children and I turned him into the police) the police took every computer, laptop, server, video camera, camera, sd card, flash drive, hard drive, dvd, etc.  With the investigation went every picture and video I had of my precious children. More than a year later got my precious photos & video's back, but I will never forget what it felt like to be robbed of them in the first place. 

During the following year there were many "firsts", many special moments, holidays, Baptism, etc. and one day, my sd card got corrupted.  I lost an entire year's worth of precious pictures.  As a busy mom, I never backed them up...they were gone.  I learned an expensive lesson...back up my pictures!  So, since then I've been sure to download my pictures/videos to an external hard drive.

Now we are up to the other day.  I went in search of pictures for our new blogs, so I went through every picture on my hard drive.  I had so many pictures!  I smiled as a remenised with each picture I looked at.  "Oh, I remember that"..."Aww, look at ..."  I even came across a video folder that I didn't remember I had.  All of the video's that were downloaded off of our video camera.  When the police gave me back the laptop, I cut them off of there and put them on the external hard drive.  I didn't have time to mess with figuring out how to open the files, but I couldn't wait to go back to them later.  Even though Macaw's birth was the most horrific birth experience I have ever encountered, I couldn't wait to watch it.

Yesterday, my heart sank.  I felt my world come crashing down.  I felt an immediate emptyness.  I felt completely lost!  Even though I knew my drive was "gone", we took it to get an opinion from the "Geek Squad".  The news was, our hard drive was shot and the only way to retreive the data from it would be to send it out to a "clean lab" where it would have to be completely disassembled.  The cost...$2,500.  At this point, I literally thought I was going to puke.  I knew exactly what I had lost, because just the day before I had looked through every last picture.
Gone!  All of them....forever Gone! 
I never printed any pictures, simply because I couldn't afford to.  I never backed them up because I never took the time to.  I cut them from my camera card and put them on my hard drive and that was it.  Stupid, this I know.  So, to save myself from this heartbreak I felt done...done with cherishing my "stupid" photos.  Falcon had just gotten me a new camera for Christmas.  He gave it to me early so that I would be familiar with it and be able to use it for the holidays.  I didn't like it wasn't a good "fit" for it made it a bit easier to say "I don't want to take pictures anymore because I don't EVER want to feel this way again.
We got a few more estimates on our drive.  Most of them bring the same's going to cost around $3,000 for me to get my treasured photos back.  Now, I did do some research and it seems I may be able to put it in the freezer and be capable of getting the data off of it.  When I can think with a clearer head and be sure I'm making the best decision, I just may try it!
 For now...Falcon talked me into keeping my camera (although we went and picked out a new one).  From now on, I will never delete a camera card, I will put a copy on a hard drive and I will download my pictures online to an account such as photobucket, picasa web albums, etc. and every few months, I will burn my pictures to a cd and maybe somday, we will be able to afford to get our pictures back.

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  1. O my word! i know just how you feel!!!! a day that i thought i lost EVERY photo i ever had of my children i actually fell down crying, i mean i was BALLING my eyes out. my husband went that day and spent 500 bucks that we didnt have for a new computer tower and spent the next 2 days working at pulling them all off and onto the new one. one of my many happy days was sitting at the new computer tower viewing all my pictures, they were all there! that wasnt the only time that i was faced with panic over my pictures either. my laptop decided to take a crap, my husband hunting for the right card or whatever it is that makes it easier to get into a screwed computer... once he finally found out that would fit in my laptop we had the pictures out of there on onto a removable hard drive. That removable hard drive now sit in my underwear draw where noone can mess with it. the safest place in the house is that draw! hahah. one day i will manage to get out and get them developed, i figured the cost of developing all my pictures at once one day, its well into the thousands, i am beyond unhappy with myself over that. i miss the good old film cameras, screw technology, i want my damn pictures in my hand! :)

    But keep checking around, some people work on computers out of their home and wont charge as much, so ask anybody and everybody, someone may know someone. Good luck, I hope you are able to get them back. from one momma to another, theres nothing like our little stinkers and the smiles and moments we capture. :)