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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I intended to blog about our wonderful Christmas before the new year, but gosh...things were so crazy here! 

 We had a very blessed Christmas, as we had yet another Christmas with my mother.  We decided to spend the night at my parents house, as this was more than likely my mother's last Christmas and not only did we want it to be special for her, but we wanted precious memories to hold on to ourselves.  I know, we've been saying it's her last Christmas for the past few years, but her condition is deteriorating very fast these days and there isn't much else that doctors can do for her anymore. 

I will never forget her excitement, as she was the first to race (best that she could) down the stairs.  She was like one of the kids, unable to wait to see what Santa brought.  She added so much joy to my morning and she enjoyed watching the kids open their presents.  She was amazed at how my kids were so excited about the smallest little things and she said she was so proud of them for not needing big fancy items to thrill them.  My kids are great like that...happy for what they have and it makes me very proud too.

Christmas was bittersweet, as it just seemed that she was certain this was her last Christmas too and she even mentioned it a few times.  I'm glad that we got to make the most of it, we got lots of pictures and many precious memories.

So, here we are welcoming 2012! 
This is kind of bittersweet as well!  I have so many hopes and dreams for the new year and look forward to new beginnings and all the amazing things 2012 promises, but I also fear what the new year will bring as well and it's going to be a tough year as we face my mother's failing health. 

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