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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, new approval process...

Emu has undergone growth hormone therapy since June.
Within 25 days of therapy, he grew almost 2 inches.  It was amazing to finally see my little man growing. 

His growth did slow down, but he did keep growing...therapy proved successfull!

But, with the new year came a new approval process for our insurance.  With a new approval process...came a DENIAL for therapy!

At a cost of nearly $2,000 per week for therapy, we were so lucky to get it for the six months that we did.  We have about one more week left, then he will be done!

As I look back at what a difficult decision this therapy was, I see that I made the right decision.  I'm heartbroke that he can not continue therapy, but I am greatful that he gained a few inches in height that he wouldn't have otherwise gotten.

I brace myself and try to imagine how I will prepare him for the disappointment he is now set up for.  He loved making new marks on his growth chart.  There will be no more giggling and "flapping his wings" from excitement because he has, we can only hope that we will eventually move up the chart.

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