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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lake City Handwringer from Kleen-Rite Corp.

As you all know, I have been doing my laundry by hand (and somewhat loving it) for about a month now.  After about a week of doing my laundry by hand, I began researching handwringers.  I was so lucky to find the Lake City Handwringer for a great price at Kleen-rite Corp.

This handwringer promised to remove 90% of the water!  All I could think about was the $ we were going to save.  Everyone told me I was nuts for willingly handwashing clothes for my flock of 8, but all I could think about was how much cleaner our clothes were going to be & how much money we'd save on both water (since we'd use much less than the 40 gallons our washer was using) and electric (since the clothes would have 90% of the water removed, they would take much less energy to dry).  I am always willing to make sacrifices and work harder for my family, so that we can better use our money on other things.

Eagerly, we ordered our handwringer about a week ago.  It arrived very quickly (even though I had no idea 3 days would seem so long).  We couldn't wait to use it!  Our towels had piled up, since they are so hard to hand wring, I didn't wash them while we were awaiting our wringer.  I figured I would crank them out very quickly once our wringer came.

The time finally came to wring our towels!  We washed and rinsed then it was time to put them through the wringer.  What an exciting moment it was!

Unfortunately, I must say...we feltvery let down and we were so disappointed.  Each time we put the towel through, we tighted the tension a bit more.  After 4 or 5 times through, we could still hand wring water out of the towels.  Now...I don't have have strong hands, but I got lots of water out of those towels.

Falcon took very much convincing to get this handwringer in the first place.  He was so worried that we would spend all that money on something I wouldn't use.  I swore I'd use it and it wouldn't become a dust collector like he feared.

:/ YIKES!  I've tried using this a few more times....and still get the same results.  I surely must have something wrong with it.  So, I instant messaged the company Kleen-rite Corp.  Jessica, my customer service representative was very attentive.  However, she was unable to help me with my problem and I was advised that a manager would call us back that day.

I've heard absolutely nothing from the company!

So, now I'm stuck with an expensive piece of junk dealing with a company that has terrible customer service.  I'm still wringing my clothes by hand and now hating it more than ever.  We spend nearly $130 on this wringer, so now buying a washing machine is not an affordable option for us right now.  My back is killing me, my hands are dried out and cracked, my nails are so weak they are breaking down to the quick...but I must keep washing on!

My frugal tip for the not buy a Lake City Handwringer and do not purchase anything from

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  1. Thank you for the review. I hand wash everything too because of allergies to the perfumed laundry products in our apartment coin operated washers. Oh that stuff makes me so sick and it stinks to high heaven. I am trying to decide on this or the Nina Soft centrifuge. Or the Laundry Alternative centrifuge, but they are always out of stock. Never the less, you cannot wring clothes out by hand. I've been doing it for months and it's almost impossible. I am assuming you found a solution to your problem by now... Thanks