In a homeschooling house full of 7 kids & 3 guniea pigs....there is never a dull moment! A lot of people show genuine concern for us and want to know how we are doing, as the road we've left behind was not a pleasant one. So, here I am, to tell some of our stories...share some of our days...and open up a part of our world to you! Come join us on our journey so you won't miss the moments that take our breath away!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dropping like flies but still flying the friendly skies!

We've had a sickly if Type A flu, ear infections and upper respiratory infections and possible pneumonia a few weeks ago wasn't enough....we are sick again around here.  This time it's a lovely stomach flu. 

Duckling was the first and she was so very sick and unable to hold anything down for an entire day.  At least by the end of the day she was able to hold down some momma's milk.  That was a few days ago and she still isn't 100%...just laying around more than usual and not eating or drinking a lot (but that seems to be a problem lately anyways).  Macaw was complaining of being nauseous that night.  She carried the "bucket" around and finally fell fast asleep on the couch with her poor little face in the puke pan. 

She never threw up.

That night I camped in the family room with the little ones in fear that one of them would be sick through the night...I don't deal well on this type of clean up duty, so I wanted to be near them to avoid as much clean up as possible.  No one slept well and with that and the dogs, I was up most of the night, but at least no one got sick.

Eagle woke up with it on Friday and he was miserable all the way up until midnight, then he woke up Saturday morning feeling like a new person. 

We had a day of Basketball games on Saturday and somehow everyone was well, so we went.  Emu surely wasn't himself, he was much too still and I was so worried that he was going to get sick.  He complained and whined of his belly hurting most of the afternoon and evening, but he never got sick.  Hawk has complained off and on about not feeling well, but he's never gotten sick either.  Cardinal must have an immune system built of steel because I've heard not one work out of her.

Today, the weather here was quite nice.  We decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and we headed out to fly kites.
What fun is flying a kite, if it doesn't get stuck in a tree!

All of our flights were not successful, we got tangled up a time or two...and what would a kite flying adventure be, if at least one kite wasn't landed in a tree?

Emu did not have a good time.  He is still complaining of a belly ache, though he has not gotten sick at all.  He wanted to be carried the entire time, even when the kids played at the playground, he did not want to participate.  He begged nearly the entire time to go home.  This is definately not my Emu!

Macaw, proudly flying her kite

 Macaw had a wonderful time, she was so proud of flying her kite so high.  She also like trampling around in the mud, often acting like stepping in a big sloshy puddle was an accident, lol.

Duckling stayed under Cardnal's wing the entire day.  Hawk wasn't with us this afternoon, he was playing video games with his friends.

Even still tonight, poor Emu is STILL complaining of his belly.  He often just throws himself on the floor and lays down where ever he happens to be.  I hate when I start wondering if "something" could be wrong.  Of course when he points to where it hurts, he points exactly where his abdominal surgery was a few years ago.  That spot never seemed to heal the way they said it would.

She was so thrilled with how high her kite was

Cardinal keeping Duckling under her wing

Emu wanting to be picked up...AGAIN!

Poor Duckling, still not feeling well

Still under Carndnal's wing

So, we must bid farewell to our sickly weekend, but we are so glad we were able to enjoy some of it anyways.  We don't get very much family time, so it was really nice to get out and play...even though I had housework that very much needed to be done.

We have an exciting school week ahead.  We should be caught back up on all our studies and we are participating in a "Flat Traveler" project and we are so very excited about it!  We are looking forward to some fun outings over the next few weeks.

We should be getting Emu's Hormone Study Test Results back this week.  I am so anxious about it...the waiting is so terrible, I'm so nervous for the phone to ring.  I know when I see that it's them calling, my heart is going to sink to my feet.  I don't know what to hope for and I'm sure no matter what, I won't be happy with whatever the results are.  As always, I try to take it day by, was a good day.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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