In a homeschooling house full of 7 kids & 3 guniea pigs....there is never a dull moment! A lot of people show genuine concern for us and want to know how we are doing, as the road we've left behind was not a pleasant one. So, here I am, to tell some of our stories...share some of our days...and open up a part of our world to you! Come join us on our journey so you won't miss the moments that take our breath away!

Monday, February 28, 2011

On the road again...goin places that I've never been...

One of the wonderful parents in one of our homeschooling groups organized a "Flat Traveler"  project and we are so excited to be participating in such a wonderful opportunity.  We can not wait to put our map and geography skills to work as we mark all the places we've visited on our world map.  We will learn about so many different places and cultures and we are already meeting new friends from around the globe.  History lessons will "come alive" for us and we will even start a collection or two...maybe three (postcards, stamps and magnets). 

We packed up our passports and grabbed our travel journals, weather diaries and a few recipe cards.  We quickly....well, okay, actually it took quite a while, a week or so...but nonetheless, we loaded up our Tour Busses, pets and all.  The kids and pets anxiously departed at around 8:00pm tonight.

Our "Flat Travelers" and Passports

The boys are headed off to visit Hooksett, New Hampshire, and boy do they have an exciting trip in store for them.  The cost for their departure was a whopping $1.22.  They should be arriving to their destination no later than Friday.  They have plans to go to the Circus and a Monster Truck show...if they are lucky, they may even get a few autographs.  Our host family will have their hands full, as the boys are lucky enough to be one of three families making this trip to Hooksett!

Boys Homeschool Adventure Tours Bus

The girls are headed overseas to visit our friends in Stockport, England!  The cost for their departure was a mere $2.92.  They will arrive to their destination in 4-10 days!  We had a last minute change of plans and we are visiting a different family than originally planned, so we have no idea what's in store for us there, but the girls could not be any more excited!

Girls Homeschool Adventure Tours Bus

Our first visitor will be arriving in just a few days...we have some great things planned for them as well!  I won't blog about the places that we go with our visitors, although, I admit, it will be so hard not to and I assure you that they will not be disappointed at all! 

We will keep you posted on our adventures and tell you about all of the wonderful things we get to see and do on our trips.....we're on the road again...goin places that we've never been.............

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